Monday, January 28, 2013

Review: A Vision of Green: L.H. Cosway


Since moving to Chesterport Flo has discovered new friends and a hidden world.

After spending seventeen years as an Empath, thinking she was either delusional or very, very different, she has found others who are different too. She helped battle a coven of dark witches and watched as their leader got sent to her judgement. All now seems peaceful in her new town, but it's not going to last.

For one, Flo's dad is back on the scene and has taken over her dead grandmother's house with his new girlfriend. Dealing with him makes Flo think that maybe everyday people can be monsters too, as he blackmails her into giving up the one person she needs the most. Secondly, Flo hears a story about strange goings on in the nearby forest, and becomes obsessed with the magical things that might lie in its green depths.

A Vision of Green is the second instalment in the Florence Vaine trilogy, where Flo finds herself yet again immersed in mystery, romance and things that are just a little bit scary. She will come across new adversaries, supernatural and otherwise, discover more about her own identity and grow in ways she had never anticipated.


I have an admission. I actually read this book several months ago. I had emailed L.H. Cosway to let her know that I had read the first of the Florence Vaine trilogy and had posted a review of it on this blog. She was so gracious as to send me book two to read. I gobbled up the book in just a few short hours. It was thoroughly amazing. Now for the reason why I waited this long to review it. Well, it was because I didn't want the book to end, and so, by not reviewing it earlier, it felt like I was still enmeshed in Florence's world. I was also a little embarrassed about my review of the first book, A Strange Fire, where I mentioned that I didn't think it necessary that Florence was portrayed as an abused teen. I was so wrong. So my apologies.

In book two, we are further brought into Florence's life where she is dealing not only with the horror that comes from being abused, but also furthering her relationship with Frank. And really that is the least of it. I was so upset that the book ended and couldn't believe that I would have to wait until summer 2013 for book three to come out. But wait I must. I totally recommend reading the Florence Vaine Trilogy. It is fast paced, exciting and riveting.

I can't say enough about L.H. Cosway. She is an incredible writer that takes you on a journey and brings you so vividly into the world that she has created. You cry when the characters cry, wince when they do, laugh with them and feel like you are really there. Her books are rich with detail and imagery that flows brilliantly with the story. L.H. Cosway is fast becoming one of my favourite YA authors.

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rated by: Jessica

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